The Market Lass
  (Lloyd Shaw 1008)   Don Armstrong


Contra lines, couples active but not crossed over.


1-8 Actives down the outside below two couples (Active couples turn out and go down outside of the set below two couples and head towards the center.)
9-16 Cross over passing left shoulders up the outside past one couple (Actives cross the set passing left shoulders and come up the outside of the set passing one couple and head towards the center.)
17-24 Forward six and back (Actives join near hands with the person on each side and dance forward four and back four steps.)
25-32 Actives give right hand to partner and turn 3/4 around (Actives join right hands, remaining fairly apart from each other, and turn 3/4 around so that the active man is facing down and the active lady is facing up the set.)
33-40 Forward six and back (As in 17-24 with dance action up and down the set.)
41-48 Right hand to partner and turn 3/4 around (As in 25-32 except that actives end up in their original lines, down one position from where they started. Progression has been made.)
49-56 With the couple above right & left thru across (Man-with-man and lady-with-lady right & left thru across - in this form of right & left thru the action is similar to that of pass through and wheel as a couple and no hands are used.)
57-64 Right & left thru back (Return as in 49-56.)

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