Whisper Ring
  (Lloyd Shaw 32* / 330)   Don Armstrong


Contra circle - a large circle of couples facing couples, one couple with their backs to the center of the hall, the other couple facing the center of the hall. To keep original partners throughout the dance, the ladies chain over, but not back, before the dance starts. Even numbers are required.


1. Designate each man in the inner circle, together with his partner who is in the outer circle, as couples #1. (The man in the outer circle and his partner in the inner circle comprise couple #2.)

2. Remind the dancers that each time the dance begins again with "All forward and back," all dancers should be in the same circle in which they started, i.e., inner-circle dancers always start in the inner circle, outer-circle dancers in the outer circle.

3. In a circle contra, remember that when a man is standing either in a large circle facing out, or in a large circle facing in, his corner is on his left, his "neighbor" is on his right, and he is facing his partner across from him.


1-8 All forward and back (Join hands and take 3 small steps forward, bow on 4th count, and back away 4 small steps.)
9-16 All swing partners (All go forward and swing the one they face.)
17-24 Put her on the right, promenade in twos and turn alone (Without any twirl, end the swing with lady on gentleman's right hand side facing LOD (CCW) and promenade 8 steps. During the last 2 steps each dancer turns individually (backtrack) to end facing RLOD, M with W on his left, near hands joined.)
25-32 Promenade back, ones cast off, twos wheel turn (All dancers move 4 steps in RLOD. Then two separate actions occur simultaneously: Each couple #1, releasing the joined near hands, separates, M rolling right-face, W rolling left-face, out and around the couple #2 who was behind them. At the same time, each couple #2, without releasing the joined near hands, does a wheel turn (the M backs around as the W walks forward and around). One progression has been made.)
33-40 Those four circle left (Those two couples join hands and circle four to the left, 8 steps, exactly once around.)
41-48 Same four star left (The same foursome makes a left hand star, 8 steps, exactly once around to end with all dancers in their own large circle but facing a new corner in that circle.)
48-56 New corners dosado (In 8 steps all the new corner.)
57-64 That corner swing (All swing the one with whom they did the dosado, and without a twirl, end with that W on M's right hand side, facing in or out, across to the other large circle ready to start again. A second progression has been made.)

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=18956