Raccoon Ramble
  (Lloyd Shaw 197 / 198)   Don Armstrong


Contra lines, couples active and crossed over


1-8 With the ones below double balance (8-count balance)
9-16 With them swing (8 count swing)
17-24 Circle four to the left (Actives and the ones they swing circle four to the left all the way around)
25-32 Those four star left (Star left once around, ending in the line they each left with the active man and the lady he swing facing up the set, the active lady and inactive man facing down the set)
33-40 Promenade up and down as couples (Couples dance the way they are facing, active man's line moving towards head of set and active lady's line moving towards the foot of set for 6 steps, starting to wheel on count 7.)
41-48 Wheel turn and come back to place (Dancers reverse direction during counts 7 and 8 of previous phrase and counts 1 and 2 of this phrase, returning to face their partners.)
49-56 Ladies chain (The ladies chain across.)
57-64 Chain back (The ladies chain back, releasing hand holds and turning to face a new person (corner) to start again.

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=18955