Louisiana Man
Rusty and Doug Kershaw; The Hollies; The Seekers; Connie Smith; Ricky Nelson; many others 1961
  (Prairie 1144)   Al Horn


Sides face, grand square
At birth mama and papa call a li'l boy Ned
Raise 'em on the banks of a river bed
A houseboat tied to a big tall tree
A home for my papa and my mama and me

Circle left
He's got fishing lines strung across the Louisiana river
Gotta catch a big fish for us to eat

Allemande, promenade, catch 'em anything he can
He gotta make a livin', he's a Louisiana man

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Heads promenade travel halfway go
Into the middle, star thru and California twirl
Dosado once around you go
Swing thru come a two by two and boys run to the right
Half tag, trade and roll, pass thru, trade by
Swing that corner lady, promenade you go
Settin' traps in the swamp, catch 'em anything he can
He gotta make a livin', he's a Louisiana man


The clock strikes three, papa jumps to his feet
Already mama's cooking papa something to eat
At half past papa he's a-ready to go
He jumps in his pirou headed down the bayou

Muskrat hides hanging by the dozen
Even got a lady make a muskrats' cousin
Got 'em out a-dryin' in the hot, hot sun
Tomorrow papa's gonna turn 'em into mon'

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