Look At Me
Buddy Holly 1958
  (Riverboat 612)   Koji Harai

OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Hey, hey, look at me and tell me
What's gonna happen to you

Allemande left your corner, dosado
Allemande left your corner, weave the ring
Say, say, look at me and tell me
Swing your girl and promenade
(about that twinkle in your eye)
Is the twinkle in your eye meant for me
Or meant for some other guy?

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade halfway
Lead right, circle to a line
Right & left thru, turn the girl
Pass thru, wheel & deal
Centers flutter wheel across and then pass thru
Swing your corner, promenade
When you've spoken sweet words of love to me
And I want to marry you


And I want to marry you

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