Every Time I Think Of You   (Acme 146)   Scott Bennett
OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Every time I think of you
It always turns out good

Men star right
Left allemande and weave
People say a love like ours
Will surely pass
But I know a love like ours
Will last and last

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (Sides) square thru
Swing thru, boys run
Bend the line, reverse flutter
Dixie style, boys cross fold
Swing and promenade
*Every time I've held you
*I thought you understood


*Let me hold you darling
*So you won't cry


Sides face grand square
But maybe I was wrong
Not knowing how our love should go
But I wasn't wrong
In knowing how our love would grow

Allemande and weave
(And every time I think of you) every time
(Every time I think of you) every single time
(It always turns out good)

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