Operator, Operator
The Oak Ridge Boys; Eddy Raven 1983
  (Solid Gold 516)   Bob Asp

OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Now, I thought it over how it's come to this
I must have lost all my common sense

Well now the men star right, one time round you go
Allemande left and weave the ring
So, I called her up, to say how I felt
Swing your lady round and promenade and go
She didn't a hear a word, she just hung up the phone

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (Sides) promenade go halfway
Walk in and square thru go four
Go all the way and do the right & left thru
You veer to the left, and ferris wheel and go
Square thru three hands, that corner you swing
Swing your corner girl and promenade the ring
She didn't a hear a word
She just hung up the phone


Sides face grand square
Operator, operator
Could you be so kind
As to reconnect this number
I just spent my last dime

Allemande left, weave the ring
She's got my love on hold, my heart is on the line
Swing your lady promenade
She didn't a hear a word, she just hung up the phone

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