Send Me Down To Tucson
Mel Tillis 1979
  (Rawhide 1096)   Buddy Weaver


Circle left
Send me down to Tucson and I'll get the job done
Then call up the one who's love is free

Left allemande you know, dosado your own
Now the men star left around you see
Turn partner by the right and you go left allemande now
Come back and promenade away
It's so easy to love this lady
And the lady satisfies the want in me

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads flutter wheel on you travel
Square thru and get me four
Meet the sides (heads) and swing thru, then the boy run right
Bend the line and do the right & left thru
Slide thru, pass thru, you swing with your corner
Hold her hand and promenade
It's so easy to love this lady
And you know she satisfies the want in me

Originally Blue Star 2171

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