I May Be Used
Waylon Jennings 1984
  (Rawhide 1067)   Mike Driscoll


Sides face grand square
* I look a little rough and I've got few miles...
On me
My body needs work; my style...
Ain't what it used to be

Four ladies promenade go round the ring
Swing your man, promenade I sing
I may be used but baby, I'm not...
Used up


* I may not be rich and own a big Cadillac
But I've got a lot of homegrown friends and you know they watch my back

* What I used to do all day takes all day to do
That's if I can remember long enough to remember what I was trying to do

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade go halfway round
Side (head) two go right & left thru now
Same two square thru four hands around you go
Eight chain four
Four hands across find the corner right there
Swing that girl and promenade the square
I may be used but baby, I'm not...
Used up


Swing the girl at home
I may used but baby I'm not used up

Originally Blue Star 2259

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