Rollin' With The Flow
  (Silver Eagle 111)   Joe Goins


Sides face grand spin
Once was a thought inside my head
'Fore I'd reach thirty I'd be dead
Now somehow on and on I go-o-o
I keep on rollin' with the flow
Folks said that I would change my mind
I'd straighten up and do just fine
Ahh, but I still love rock and ro-o-ll
I keep on rolling with the flow

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Now those heads (sides) star thru, pass thru
You circle four and make a line
Now pass thru, wheel & deal and then
Star thru, pass thru and cloverleaf
New centers square thru 3 hands round
Swing a little corner and promenade now
Yes, it's on and on I go
I keep on rollin' with the flow


All four ladies chain across that ring
You rollaway and circle left now
All four ladies rollaway
Circle left around that way, left allemande and weave
Some might be calling me a bum
But I'm still out there having fun
And Jesus loves me, yes I kno-o-w
So, I keep on rolling with the flow

CLOSER    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
I've had my age of raising kids
I'm raising hell just like I did
I've got a lot of crazy friends
And they forgive me of my sins
, Allemande left and weave
Can't take it with you when you're gone
But I want enough to get there on
And I ain't ever growing old, oh no
So, I keep on rolling with the flow


I ain't never growing old, oh no
I keep on rollin with the flow

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