Listen To A Country Song
Loggins and Messina; Lynn Anderson 1971
  (Wagon Wheel 127)   Don Franklin
two columns


4 ladies chain, go across that old ring
Star them back to a dopaso
Corner right, partner left
Make an allemande thar you know
Old Uncle Ben's got a fiddle in his hand
Mamma's on the mandolin

Slip the clutch, left allemande
Promenade 'em along
And listen to a country song

FIGURE    Basic - SSD Week 7, corner progression

Heads (sides) flutter wheel around you go
Sweep 1/4, pass thru, split 2, around 1
Make a line, go forward and back, star thru
Centers square thru 3/4, outsides partner trade
Swing your corner around, left allemande & promenade
Isn't it fine to have a real good time
And listen to a country song

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