I Saw Elvis In A UFO   (Silver Sounds 306)   Jack O'Leary

Four ladies promenade one time and go
Back home and swing with your man
Join all your hands circle left around the land
Left allemande and weave the ring
I saw Elvis in a UFO
Swing your girl and promenade you know
I saw Elvis in a UFO
Just singing them rhythm and blues

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade halfway
Lead right and do a right & left thru
Veer left, couples circulate
Bend the line and do your right & left thru
Slide thru, square thru 3/4 go
Swing that corner promenade you know
He's a whole lot more than a shooting star
He's a hunk a hunk a burning love


(In your best Elvis voice)
"Thank you, thank you very much"

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