Boot Scootin Boogie
Brooks & Dunn 1992
  (ESP 178)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Sides face, grand square
*Out in the country past the city limit sign
There's a honky tonk near the county line
The joint starts jumpin every night when the sun goes down

Circle left
**They got dancing, women, music and smoke
Left allemande, you swing and promenade to the boogie
Boot scootin boogie

FIGURE (heads twice, sides twice)    Mainstream, corner progression

The heads promenade you go halfway around
Square thru 4 go movin around
Swing thru you know and then you spin the top
Boys move up and square thru 4 more
Trade by and then well the corner you swing
Swing that girl and promenade the ring
Get down, turn around, go to town
Boot scootin boogie


*I got a good job, I work hard for my money
When it's quittin time I hit the door runnin
I fire up my pickup truck and let the hosses run

**I go flying down the highway to that hide-a-way

*The bartender ask me, say son what'll it be
How bout that redhead yonder lookin at me
The dance floor's hoppin and it's hotten than the 4th of July

**I see outlaws, inlaws, crooks and straights

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