Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 1984
  (Crest Recordings 136)   Scott Bennett
two columns

OPENER    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
It seems like only yesterday
I didn't have a clue
I stood alone not knowing where to turn

Allemande and weave
Now suddenly I look around and everything looks new
I don't know why but I think I'm starting to learn

FIGURE    Mainstream - SSD Week 12, corner progression

Heads (Sides) promenade halfway
Square thru
Right & left thru, veer left
Couples circulate
Half tag, scoot back
Swing and promenade
And now I look and everything seems clear


Sides face grand square
They call it understanding (standing)
A willingness to grow
I'm finally understanding (standing)
There's so much I could know

Allemande and weave
You've got me understanding (standing)
You've really helped me see
I'm finally understanding (standing)
It's meant so much to me

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