All I Ever Need Is You
Sonny and Cher 1971
  (Blue Star 1920)   Marshall Flippo


Walk around that corner, seesaw your own
Gents star right around you roam
Put an arm around that partner, star promenade
Girls rollback, left allemande
Gotta weave the ring, go round the land
Some men follow rainbows, I am told
Dosado and promenade her home
Some men search for silver, some for gold, honey
Honey, all I ever need is you

FIGURE    Mainstream, no progression

Head (side) two, you flutter wheel I say
Square thru 4 hands around that way
Dosado, it's once around you go
Swing thru and when you do
Turn thru, you're still not thru
Left allemande that corner, do a dosado your maid
Swing with that corner, promenade
But I found my treasure in your soul, honey
Honey, all I ever need is you.

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