Murder On Music Row
George Strait and Alan Jackson 1999
  (Riverboat 539)   Koji Harai

OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Nobody saw him running from Sixteenth Avenue
Left allemande, dosado, left allemande and weave
But someone killed country music
Swing your own, promenade
They got away with murder
Down on music row

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade halfway, square thru to 4
Go all the way, a right & left thru, veer left
Couples circulate you do
Bend the line, pass the ocean
Recycle, swing your corner, promenade
That murder was committed down on music row


Sides face, grand square
For the steel guitars no longer cry and fiddles barely play
But drums and rock 'n roll guitars are mixed up in your face

Allemande and weave
Old Hank wouldn't have a chance on today's radio
Since they committed murder down on music row

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