Whistling Piano Man   (Grenn 12415)   Brian Hotchkies

Walk all around the corner, see-saw your pet
Men star right, turn it once around the set
Pick-up your lady, star-promenade and then
Four ladies back-track, you pass him by, then you
Allemande left the corner, grand right and left
Meet your lady fair, and promenade the set, now you
Promenade her, best way you can
Dancing with the whistling piano man

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads pass thru, cloverleaf, side two
Left square thru 3/4 round then a
Swing thru tonight, and let the boy run to the right
Ferris wheel, the center two
* Pass thru, everybody swing thru
** Swing thru again, swing your corner, promenade her
You promenade now, around that ole land
Dancing with the whistling piano man


* Pass thru, touch 1/4, split circulate twice
** Swing the girl you touched, promenade real nice

* Pass thru, circle four, halfway and the corner swing
** Swing the corner lady, promenade 'em again

* Pass thru, star thru, now pass the ocean, straight ahead
** Scoot back, swing this girl, and promenade

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