Old Pine Tree   (Grenn 12412)   Brian Hotchkies

Walk all around your corner, come back a dopaso
Partner left, your corner by the right
Turn partner by the left and then, give a right to the corner pull on by
Turn the next one by the left, make an allemande thar
Girls back up and the boys push, go 'round the set
Slip your clutch, pass one, turn her by the left and promenade
You promenade two-by-two, take that lady home you do
And we're gonna cut down the old pine tree

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Heads right & left thru and turn 'em, sides pass the ocean
And then extend, relay the deucey now
Go around the set, all the way around you bet
Go right along when you do, swing thru
Girls fold, peel the top, slide thru
Swing the corner, promenade
We're gonna rattle the bones of ol' Pickworth and Jones
When we cut down the old pine tree

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