Radio Dancing
Englebert Humperdinck 1988
  (GR8 Trax 011)   Richard Muir

OPENER    Basic - SSD Week 1

(Count 8 beats to intro)
Circle to the left
Come here sweet girl let me hold you
Four men star by the right, one time and go
Allemande left and you weave the ring
There's so many good things I owe you
Swing her and you promenade
You're gonna have them all some day

FIGURE    Mainstream - SSD Week 10, corner progression

Heads (Sides) promenade travel halfway and go
Walk in and square thru it's four hands round you know
All the way and then do the right & left thru
You pass thru, trade by
Slide thru, and you square thru to three
Swing your corner, promenade around the ring
Got a private show dancing to the radio

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru, four hands and go now
Touch 1/4, scoot back
Boys run right, and a right & left thru
Dixie style and you make your wave
Boys cross fold, swing her and you promenade
And you're gonna have them all some day


Sides face grand square
Got no money, no place to go
But we can dance to the radio
And you can't go wrong with a favorite song
And Michael Jackson in stereo

Allemande and weave
Get the bottle, I need some wine
I want your body, love, ever close to mine
Got a private show dancing to the radio


And I got a private show dancing to the radio

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