Hey, Look Me Over
Cy Coleman; Bing Crosby; many others 1960
  (Lore 1009)   John Hendron


Walk around your corner, swing with your maid
Swing your little lady and then you promenade
Four ladies back track and let me tell you why
With your partner, box the gnat, and pull your lady by
Left allemande now and weave around the ring
Hey, look them over, such pretty little things
Promenade your lady and take her home with you
And she may look you over too


Allemande left, promenade, go single file
Now play follow the leader for awhile
Head two gents will turn back, lead her to a line
With a brand new lady, go up and back in time
Cross trail over and then left allemande
Come on back and box the gnat and swing her if you can
Swing and promenade her, and you will see the light
It's been good lookin' over tonight

Copyright 1961.

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