Hello, Hello, Hello   (MacGregor 923)   Jerry Helt

All join hands, circle left, go left around that ring
Circle left all the way back home again
Walk all around that corner girl, seesaw your pet
Go to the corner girl, allemande left
And then a grand old right and left around that ring we're gonna go
Meet your partner, turn by the right - -
Then allemande left that corner maid.
Come back one and promenade
What a wonderful word - hello

FIGURE    Mainstream, unknown progression

Head (side) two couples forward, come back to the ring
Then you pass thru and turn back, your opposite swing
Face the sides and split those two around just one you know
Then you star by the right out in the middle 'round the land you go
Now allemande left your corner, your partner dosado
Swing your corner lady, then you promenade her home
Sing Hello, hello, hello - what a wonderful word - hello


What a wonderful word
It's the nicest ole word
What a wonderful word, hello

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