Brothers Of The Highway   (Riverboat 417)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr., Jack O'Leary
OPENER    Mainstream

Sides face, grand square
Diamonds on the windshield as heaven starts to cry
In his rear-view mirror, his angel waves goodbye
She know he's got to go; she knows he's one of them
Brothers of the highway, children of the wind

Four ladies promenade, now, one time go 'round
Swing your girl, boys, and promenade, go down
That Detroit diesel pirate ship is rollin' out again
Brothers of the highway, children of the wind

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Now heads (sides) square thru, four hands around you go
Out to the corner girl, now, dosado
Swing thru, now, don't stop, spin the top
Boy move up, square thru 3/4, pop
When you're all facin' (lookin') out, chase right
Swing the corner girl around now you promenade tonight
*Carolina west to Denver, Baton Rouge east (up) to Pittsburg
Portland south to San Diego; sail on, sail on

ALTERNATE LYRICS (2nd and 4th repetitions)

*Tallahassee north to Boston, up to Bangor west to Austin
Coast to coast, sea to sea; sail on, sail on

MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, unknown progression

Four ladies chain, turn 'em with an arm around, now
Rollaway and then circle around
Roll her away and then circle the ring
Allemande that corner gal and you weave around the ring (I sing)
Another shot of truck stop coffee runnin' through his veins
Dosado and promenade her go 'round again
Headin' (sailin') for the settin' sun, freedom's your best friend
Brothers of the highway, children of the wind


Brothers of the highway and children of the wind

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