Hills Of Habersham / Love's Dream After The Ball
  (Lloyd Shaw 181 / 182)   Don Armstrong


Contra lines, couples active and crossed over


1-8 All pass thru, balance right and left (All pass thru across the set, join hands and facing out balance first to right, then to left using either a step-touch or a step-swing balance)
9-16 Solo turn, face in, balance right & left (Drop hands, each turns right in a small circular pattern of about four feet in diameter to face in. Rejoin hands, balance right & left.)
17-24 All pass thru and balance (As above)
25-32 Solo turn and balance (As above. All are back in original lines.)
33-40 Actives down outside below two and in (Actives turn up and roll out to dance down the outsides of the set, pass two inactive persons, cut into the center, face up and join inside hands with partner)
41-48 Up the center, make lines of four, balance right & left (Actives dance up center to stand alongside the inactive couple who was immediately below them as they started down the outside, these four dancers make a line of four facing up to balance right and left)
49-56 Actives wheel full around, fours balance right & left (Inactives release the actives' hands and continue to face up. Actives, staying close to each other, wheel turn full around (man backing up, lady moving forward) to rejoin the line all facing up, all balance right and left.)
56-64 Actives cast off, balance right & left (Actives release each other and cast off into the long lines. Progression has been made, actives have moved down one place in line, inactives up. All join hands in long lines, balance right and left.)

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=15777