I Feel Better
Ferlin Husky; Johnny Cash 1954
  (Bel Mar 5009)   Bob Graham


Now swing your honey go round and round
Then allemande left, gonna weave the town
Now you weave it round, gonna smile as you go by
Now you meet your partner, box the gnat
Now come on boys, gonna box it back
Join your hands and you make a great big ring
Now sashay round that corner girl
Gonna come back home and swing and whirl
Then you promenade home and balance out and swing
*Well you walk along with your honey bee
Cause I'm as happy as can be
Well that's exactly how I feel


*Well hi dee diddle, dee diddle de dee
I'm as happy as can be
Well that's exactly how I feel


Now the 1st and 3rd a right & left thru
Turn 'em boys, cross trail back
And around just one, and four in line you stand
Well it's forward eight and eight fall back
The inside two gonna box the gnat
Now pull her by, gonna swing that corner one
Now the four little ladies promenade inside that big ole ring
Now you box the gnat, gonna promenade home and sing
Well I feel better all over, more than anywhere else
Well that's exactly how I feel


Oh, that's exactly how I feel

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