Livin' High
Brian Hyland 1960
  (Windsor 4801)   Bruce Johnson


Well, allemande, then a grand right and left now
When you meet with your partner, turn her right
All the men star left, go once around that set
Take your own, star promenade tonight
Now put the inside out, outside in a full turn & the ladies chain
You turn and let them right hand star back again
Well, catch 'em left, roll promenade go walking home there with your maid
Go home, smile hey, you're livin' mighty high

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Allemande with the corner, pass your partner
Dosado with the next and swing her, too
You promenade, I'll tell you why..hey, you're livin' really high
Now the heads (sides) wheel around and star thru
Hey do a right & left thru, and turn 'em too
Then dive thru and pass thru to the outside two
You star thru and right and left thru again
Well, turn 'em and you pass thru to the next old two
Right & left thru, turn her and trail thru
Go left allemande and promenade home


Go home and swing her
You got a ringer
Then settle down cause you've been livin' high

Copyright 1961

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