Steel Guitar Rag / Cindy
  (Old Timer 8053 side A)   Jack Warner


Everybody bow, give 'em a swing
Sashay round your corner, see saw round your own again
Gents you star right, the opposite a left hand whirl
Star right back and on to that corner girl
Allemande left right there with your left hand
Partner right, and a right & left grand
Pass ole Sal, kick ole Kate
Take your own, gonna promenade eight
Promenade go round the ring, gotta take that lady back home again
And swing her to the ole steel guitar rag


Head couples bow, give 'em a swing
Split your corner with a elbow swing
Go back and sashay your partner
Step out to the middle of the floor
Swing that opposite gal out there a little more
Now circle four on the side of the world
Allemande left that corner girl
Dosado your own
Leave her there, go home alone
Now leave her there to circle three
Now shoot her through to me
And I'll swing her to that old steel guitar rag

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