12th Street Rag
Bennie Moten 1919
  (Old Timer 8094)   Johnny Schultz


Allemande left, 4 ladies star and gents you promenade
Allemande left, the 4 gents star, the ladies promenade
Allemande left with your left hand
Your partner right, go right and left grand
Hand over hand, around you go
Now meet your honey with a dosado

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Allemande left your corner and you pass right by your own
Docey round your right hand girl, go back and swing your own
Gents star left across the floor, it's a right hand round those dears
It's twice around, you turn 'em boys
Ladies backtrack once around
Catch 'em with a left for a dopaso
Your corners right hand round, partner left
The girls star right, go straight across the town
Turn 'em by the left with a pretty little whirl
Girls promenade 3/4
You promenade to the 12th street rag

CLOSER    Basic

Allemande left your corner
Go back and swing your own
You promenade your honey around until you get back home
You promenade, go round the ring
And when you're home, you bow and swing
You swing 'em boys to the 12th street rag

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