That's What I Like About The South
Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys; Asleep At The Wheel 1933
  (Sashay 111)   Jack May


Walk all around the corner, Joe
Come home and swing that gal you know
The men star left go once around the ring
Turn partner right, a wrong way thar
Boys back into the middle and star
Walk along backward, boys, now shoot that star
Do an allemande left and a right & left grand
Hand over hand till you meet your girl
When you meet that Southern belle just promenade
*Promenade to Alabamy
I want you to meet my dear old Mammy
She's cookin' eggs and fryin' hammy
And that's what I like about the South


*Let's promenade where the cane grows tall
Down there where they say "You all"
Walk on in with that Southern drawl
'Cause that's what I like about the South

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

The head (side) two couples promenade
Halfway round go with your maid
Come down the middle and do a little dosado
Go all the way round, then cross trail thru
Go round one, make a line of four
It's up to the middle and back once more
Star thru and then dive thru
Square thru 3/4 round
Swing that corner girl and promenade
**She's got baked ribs and candied yams
Those sugar cured Virginia hams
Basement full of those berry jams
And that's what I like about the South


**She's got back bones and buttered beans
Ham hocks and turnip greens
Let's get on down to New Orleans
'Cause that's what I like about the South

**Now every time I pass your door
You act like you don't want me no more
Why don't you give me a great big smile
And I'll come and dance with you awhile

**Promenade to Doo Wa Ditty
It ain't a town and it ain't a city
It's awful small but might pretty
That's what I like about the South

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