Row, Row, Row   (MacGregor 690)   Ken Keenly

And now you swing, swing, swing (waist swing)
Step back and balance (gent bows, lady curtseys)
And you swing, swing, swing
And then you turn to an allemande left
A right & left grand
And when you meet your baby boys, you take her by the hand
And then you promenade right down the river
And you row, row, row back home
It's all around your corner
You balance to your partner
And you swing, swing, swing

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Head ladies chain right, you turn those ladies
Chain 'em on and turn those pretty babies
It's an allemande left, an allemande right
Go back and swing your corner gal with all of your might
Same ladies chain right
You turn those babies
Chain 'em on once more around the ring
It's all around your corners
You balance to your partners
And you swing, swing, swing

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