Cotton-Eyed Joe / Salty Dog Rag
Bob Wills; Adolph Hofner and His San Antonians; many others 1927
  (4-Bar-B 6060 side A)   

START: Couples or lines; hands joined or arms around waist.

1) Cross, Kick
2) Back, 2, 3
3) Cross, Kick
4) Back, 2, 3
5-8) Repeat 1-4
9-16) Eight forward two-steps (with vigor)


Cross, Kick - With weight on left foot, cross right foot over left, swing right toe out in front with upward motion.

Back, 2, 3 - Step back right, left, right.

Cross, Kick - With weight on right foot, cross left foot over right, swing left toe out in front.

Back, 2, 3 - Step back left, right, left.

Repeat measures 1-4.

Eight forward two-steps - Right two-step, left two-step, etc. right forward, close left to right, forward right, forward left, close right to left, forward left, etc.

Dance starts again

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