Watch The Baby Elephants Go By   (Double M 214)   Doug Davis
OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Make believe you're in a jungle movie
Watch the baby elephants go by

Left allemande the corner, dosado your own
Allemande left and weave the ring now
The beat is groovy in this jungle movie
Swing your girl and you promenade
[4 measures sax solo]

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade you travel halfway
Down the middle pass the ocean then, extend
Recycle 'round, sweep 1/4 more
Right & left thru and turn your lady
Come on and square thru 3 hands
Swing the corner girl around and you promenade
[4 measures sax solo]


Sides face grand square
[8 measures instrumental]
Left allemande come on and weave that ring
Down in the Congo
Ah, you swing your girl and promenade
Come on and play it
[4 measures sax solo]


Bow to the partner, corner, too
Ah, Baby Elephant Walk

Released February 2013.

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