Lady Be Good
Ella Fitzgerald; others 1924
  (Riverboat 375)   Ken Bower


Well, the four little ladies chain, go across that old ring
Well, you turn and chain 'em back
Join hands, make a ring, circle left you can go
Allemande left your corner, weave the ring
Well, in and out until you meet your girl
And you will all promenade
Oh, lady be good... to me

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Well, the head (side) two couples promenade
You go halfway around now.
Side couples star thru and then pass thru
Star thru, you go right & left thru
Go forward eight and back, and load the boat
Oh, sweet lady mine
Swing the corner, promenade
Oh lady be good... to me


Oh, lady be good, oh good to me, to me

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