Johnny Cash Junkie
Brooks & Dunn 2007
  (Riverboat 339)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Circle now
*Well I grew up on Waylon, Willie, and the Stones
Soundtrack to my life is hillbilly song

Men star right and you roll it around, and you
Allemande the corner lady, weave around
Old boys like Merle (Willie), the man in black
Said what they wanted and they never looked back
Now all them old boys are about to run out of time
But me and old Johnny try to walk the line


I still drive a pickup, I still wear my boots
I grew up on country and I'm proud of my roots

*Red-headed women driving ATVs
Wearin' bikinis on CMT

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade, go half way 'round, now
Pass the ocean, extend
Swing thru tonight, let the boy run right
Now tag your line, and you face it right
Girls hang on and you ferris wheel
Centers pass thru, swing and promenade
Well, red, white, and blue are the colors I bleed
I'm a Johnny Cash junkie and a Buck Owens freak


You've got the only daddy that'll walk the line

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