On With The Show
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc) 1960
  (Riverboat 329)   Ken Bower


Well four ladies chain across the ring
Turn 'em and then chain 'em back home again
Join hands, you circle you're walkin' along
Left allemande and weave the ring
Overture, curtains and lights
This is it, you'll hit the heights
And oh, what heights we'll hit
On with the show, this is it!

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

And now those heads (sides) promenade halfway
Lead to the right, go right & left thru
Veer left, as couples circulate
Chain down the line, don't be late
Oh pass the ocean, boys circulate, girls will trade
Boy run right, and all promenade


On with the show, this is it!

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