Put Your Arms Around Me
Perry Como and many others 1910
  (Grenn 12170)   Paul Hartman


Walk around the corner lady, see saw your pet
Join your hands and circle, you go left around the set
Circle to the left and go halfway
Allemande left your corner and you weave the ring I say
And when you look at me my heart begins to float
Promenade, and it starts a-rockin' like a motor boat
Oh, oh, I never knew anyone like you

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Everybody balance and everybody chain
Head (side) men go right, side (head) men go left and balance once again
Everybody chain, head (side) men go right you know
Swing the corner lady, all join hands and go
Circle to the left, you go walking round the ring
Allemande left the corner, come back and promenade
Oh, oh, I never knew anyone like you

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