Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Gene Autry 1939
  (Grenn 12049)   Earl Johnston


All around that corner, box the flea at home
Men star right in the center, once around you roam
Pick up that 'lil reindeer, with arm around and then
Inside out, outside in, reverse that star again
All four men, U-turn back, twice around you run
Pass 'er once then meet again, box the gnat keep 'er son
*Promenade this Rudolph, the nose is getting red
And everyone will tell you, he seems to be well fed


*Promenade this Rudolph, 'cause he's your very own
He's gettin' kinda tired, you better take him home


Allemande left the corner, wagon wheel your own
Men star left, gals hook on, roll it right along
Hub backs out go full around, balance out and then
Right, left; right, the second girl, wagon wheel again
Spin that gal and roll that wheel, he's feeling young & gay
Hub backs out and hold your hat, balance out and box the gnat
Box it back with Rudolph, promenade and then
His nose will light the way so, you'll find your home again


Rudolph, the reindeer

NOTE: When hub (men) back out, hold lady's right hand all the way around.

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