Saturday Picture Show   (Double M 160)   Ralph Kornegay
OPENER    Basic

Circle left
* A nickel bought your ticket!
Popcorn cost a dime!

Left allemande and dosado
Left allemande and weave the ring
** The heroes all wore white hats
Swing her and all promenade
*** Cisco Kid and Pancho
And the Saturday picture show


* Too young to have a sweetheart, you went with your best friend

** Run-away wagons and night stampedes

*** Sky King Penny, and Melody Ranch


* The movie theater's been torn down, our generation's gone

** I can't go back but I can dream
When cowboys sang at the Saturday picture show

*** The good guy always gets the girl


Heads promenade halfway 'round the ring
Come down the middle and square thru 4
Find the corner and do a dosado
Swing thru and boys run right
Couples circulate one, chain down the line with a full turn
Take that girl and all promenade
* Shoot 43 times and never reload
At the Saturday picture show


Shoot the gun from the bad guy's hand
At the Saturday picture show

*Fight all the bad guys and never lose his hat
At the Saturday picture show


Swing her
I sure miss Gene, Roy and Trigger
And those Saturday picture shows

Released August 2009.

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