It'll Be Me
Jerry Lee Lewis; Cliff Richard and the Shadows 1957
  (Quadrille 822)   Stan Brooke

OPENER    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
Well, if you hear somebody knockin' on your door
If you see somethin' crawlin' across your floor
It'll be me, and I'll be lookin' for you

Circle left
Well, if you hear a voice callin' out in the night
Left allemande, swing and promenade
If you see somebody hangin' from a lamppost bright
It'll be me

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Head (side) two couples square thru
Well, it's four hands you go
Meet the corner and do a dosado
Swing thru, the boys run right
You ferris wheel and spread, everybody star thru
Then the centers square thru 3/4 round
Swing that corner and promenade on home
*If you see a new face on your totem pole
It'll be me


* If you find a little lump in your sugar bowl

* If you feel something heavy on your fishin' hook

* If you see a funny face in your comic book


Four ladies promenade one time around
Get back home, swing this man
Join hands, circle to the left go round
Left allemande and weave around the ring
I'm gonna look in the city where the lights are blue
Dosado and promenade home
**If you see somebody lookin' in all the cars
It'll be me


** It'll be me, and I'll be lookin' for you


And I'll be lookin' for you

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