Happy Cowboy
Sons Of The Pioneers; many others 1955
  (Seven C's 229)   David Cox


Circle left
*Hear my song as I ride along
I'm just a happy roving cowboy

Men star right and roll it round that old ring
Allemande left, come back and box the gnat
Four ladies star by the left, it's once around you go
Come back, swing and you promenade
Herding the dark clouds out of the sky
Keeping the heavens blue


*I ain't got a wife to bother my life

*I ain't got a dime, I'm just spending my time

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Heads lead to the right, circle four around that track
Make lines, up to the middle and back
You pass the ocean, acey deucey
Do a linear cycle around the ring and go
You pass thru with a wheel & deal, centers wheel around
Look for the corner, swing and you promenade
**Let me make my bed where the varmints prowl
Beneath the sky of blue


**Let me ride that long trail down to the end
Where the skies are always blue

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