Tennessee Waltz
Cowboy Copas; Patti Page; many others 1946
  (Riverboat 285)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.

OPENER    Basic

Circle now
I was waltzing, with my darlin'
To the Ten-Ten-Tennessee Waltz

Well the men star by the right and you roll it around for me
Allemande and weave that ring
*I remember the night
Dosado and promenade alright
When my friend stole my sweetheart from me


*I remember the night and the Ten-Ten-Tennessee Waltz

FIGURE    Mainstream, unknown progression

The heads (sides) promenade go halfway around
Lead right and circle to a line
Then a right & left thru, pass thru, and wheel & deal
Now zoom, swing thru, when you meet her turn thru
Turn corner by the left and you roll promenade the ring
To that old beautiful Ten-Ten-Tennessee Waltz


Give her a swing
To the beautiful Ten-Ten-Tennessee Waltz

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