Good Woman Blues
Mel Tillis 1976
  (Riverboat 239)   Jerry Junck


Circle left
*My name you will find on the tail of my shirt
I'm a Tennessee hustler, I never do work

Left allemande the corner, do a dosado your own
Boys star left, it's once around you go
Turn the partner right then you go left allemande
Swing your lady round and promenade the land
I just keep a walking with my traveling shoes
Always singing these Good Woman Blues


*Woman in Dallas, she's on my mind
Texas women are the tie me down kind

*Sunny California I can hear you calling
Got more women there than a freight train can haul

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade travel half way around
Lead to the right and do a dosado go one time around
Swing thru and then let the boys run to the right
Bend the line and do a right & left thru, turn the girl tonight
Star thru and square thru go three hands around
Swing your corner lady and promenade on down
I kiss a different woman with the fall of each dew
Always singing these Good Woman Blues


Always singing these Good Woman Blues

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