Little Girl In Calico
Tex Beneke and the Miller Orchestra; The Manhattan Transfer 1946
  (Lore 1015)   Bob Augustin


Allemande left that corner gal, come back home and swing
Gents star left in the middle of the set, go once around that ring
Get back home and dosado, go all the way around you know
Men star right in the middle of the ring, it's once around you go
Then allemande left your corner girl, turn a right hand there at home
Then allemande just once again, then promenade your own
You promenade that ring, get back home and hear me sing
You swing your little girl in calico


Now first and third you promenade halfway round that town
Go right & left thru, right down the middle and you turn that gal around
Same two couples pass on thru and around just one you go
Come into the middle and square thru 3/4 round you know
Allemande left that corner girl, walk right by your own
Swing the right hand girl around and promenade her home
You promenade your beau, get back home and here we go
Now swing your little girl in calico

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