Banjo Contra   (Blue Star 1994)   Jerry Helt
(FORMATION: Contra lines 1,3,4, etc. couples active and crossed over "Improper Duple")


Banjo with the one below, men forward go
Side car back to place you know, face the girl
Heel and toe here we go, heel and toe back you go
Heel and toe here we go, heel and toe back you go
Dosado same girl you know
Same girl swing
With the couple across circle four to the left
Left hand star with the same four

(Banjo: Facing the one below join both hands, assume butterfly banjo position [right hips adjacent], men go forward, ladies back up, pivot in place [backtrack] to assume side car position [left hips adjacent].)

(Sidecar back to place: In butterfly sidecar position [left hips adjacent] men to forward ladies back up, return to place and face each other [butterfly position facing].)

(Heel and toe: Start with man's left foot, lady's right foot move toward man's left, lady's right with a "heel and toe, and step, close, step' then with the other foot move toward man's right, lady's left, repeat the same action.)

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