Money Marbles & Chalk
"Pop" Eckler; Patti Page 1949
  (FTC 32009)   Skip Smith


Walk around that corner, turn the partner by the left
4 ladies star by the right go full around
Turn a partner left, make an allemande thar, the men back in right there
Now slip the clutch, left allemande and weave
Oh I got money, marbles, and chalk, sweetheart
Dosado and promenade with me
Got money to burn and marbles to roll
And enough chalk for you and for me

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Now 1 & 3 (2 & 4) you flutter wheel, sweep 1/4 more
Pass thru and a dosado that pair
Do a right & left thru the outside two, rollaway with a half sashay
Now box the gnat and you make a right hand star all the way
Go all the way around, the girls turn back, you're gonna swing
You swing that handsome guy and promenade
I'm spending my dough to make the marbles roll
And to make chalk marks all over the door


Got enough chalk for you and for me

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