Irish Rovers 1968
  (Hi Hat 365)   Red Bates


Walk all around your corner
Partner left you know
Men star right once around you go
Turn your partner left, corner dosado
Same little lass do a dopaso
Ya gonna turn her by the left, new corner by the right
New partner by the left, four ladies chain tonight
Roll promenade, just as sure as you're born
*The prettiest of them all is a unicorn

ALTERNATE LYRICS (last time through figure)

*You seldom ever see a unicorn


Four ladies chain straight across you go
Now rollaway, circle to the left you go
Four ladies rollaway, do a left allemande
Dosado at home then weave to Ireland
Green alligators, long necked geese

Meet and dosado full around you see
Men star left just as sure as you're born
Come back and promenade with your unicorn


The fairest of them all is a unicorn

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Lyrics -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/lyrics.php?LyricsId=353