Battle Cry Of Freedom
Ry Cooder; many others 1862
  (Lore 1042)   Bob Augustin


Join your hands and make a ring
Circle to the left and hear me sing
Allemande left and dosado your partner
Gents star left in the middle you know
Once around the ring you go
Dosado, then weave around the ring now
Let's rally round the square, boys, we'll rally one and all
Dosado your partner, and promenade the hall
Walk your lady round the bend, and we'll all square up again
Dancing to the battle cry of freedom

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1st & 3rd go right & left thru
Turn your Sue and star on thru
Pass thru and split those two, round one, it's four in line
Forward eight and come on back, box the gnat across the track
Right & left thru across from you, then square thru 3/4
3/4 round the ring now, face out and frontier whirl
Swing that same lady and promenade that girl
Promenade 'em two by two
For the ole red, white, and blue
Dancing to the battle cry of freedom

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