I Cried For You
Abe Lyman and His Orchestra; many others 1923
  (Lore 1070)   Bob Augustin


Dosado that corner girl, come back and swing your own
Star promenade that pretty little girl around the ring you roam
All four ladies backtrack twice around you go
Pass 'em once, meet again, turn him with a right elbow
Allemande left, go allemande thar move right and left and then
The men back in, you've got a right hand star, slip the clutch, pass one girl
Allemande left you know, come back and swing your honey round and then we'll promeno
I cried for you, now it's your turn to cry over me


Side (Head) two ladies chain across, turn the girls around
New side (head) ladies chain to the right and then
All four ladies grand chain across the ring you go
1st & 3rd (2 & 4) go right & left thru, turn the girl you know
Star thru, square thru 5 hands around in the middle of the ring you do
Allemande left your corner, dosado your own
Go all the way around that pretty little girl and promenade her home
I cried for you, now it's your turn to cry over me

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