Flying South
Cindy Walker; Hank Locklin 1964
  (Lore 1104)   Johnny Creel


Join hands and circle left around that ring now
Reverse back single file around that town
Girls backtrack around that town, turn your partner right hand round
Left allemande, then weave the ring awhile
Go in and out and when you meet your partner
Dosado and then you promenade
There's a little part of that Southland in my heart
Way down south is where I want to be

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

1 & 3 lead to the right and circle
Heads break out and make a line, go up and back
Pass thru, wheel & deal, center two swing thru
Turn thru, then you go left allemande
Dosado your partner, swing your corner
Swing that corner girl and promenade
My heart is on the loose, I'm like the Old Wild Goose
I'll catch the next plane I see flying South

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