Charleston Gal
  (Lore 1114)   Bob Augustin


Join up hands, make a big rind, circle left and hear me sing
Reverse back along in single file
Girls step out, take a backtrack, twice around you don't look back
Second time you meet you box the gnat, pull her by
Allemande your corner, dosado your own
Allemande just once again, promenade around the town
She's so cute what a beaut', rutti tutti toot
My everlovin' Charleston gal

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1st & 3rd lead to the right, circle up four and make a line
Without a stop you do the right & left thru
Same two you make a right hand star, once around but not too far
Back right out and circle round the ring
Side two couples star thru, pass thru and swing
Swing that corner gal around, promenade go round the town
Oh ain't she sweet, ain't she swell, oh baby what a belle
My everlovin' Charleston gal

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