You And I
  (Lore 1121)   Bob Augustin


Four ladies chain and then, turn 'em left my friend
Roll away, circle to the left you know
Roll away half sashay, circle to the left again
Left allemande, weave the ring
How our love did grow from the first hello
Dosado, promenade
So to sweet romance there is just one answer
You and I

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1 & 3 square thru 4 hands around you do, go all the way
Do the right & left thru, dosado, make a wave
Balance up and back, all 8 circulate
Go right & left thru across the track
Dive thru, pass thru, corner lady swing
Swing that gal, promenade the hall
Promenade around the ring, get back home and swing
Just you and I

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